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Welcome to Shui Long Martial Arts. We are a school dedicated to preserving and teaching authentic Chinese Internal Martial Arts. Our classes promote health, fitness, and peace of mind while providing realistic and practical self-defense concepts. Come experience the wonders of genuine Tai Chi, Xingyi, and Bagua. But these arts cannot be learned by reading and thinking. They must be practiced if you want to really know their benefits.
*****This just in from the Web-Admin!!! Fort Worth Tai Chi, also known as Shui Long Martial Arts, now has a place where fellow students can set and talk of classes, techniques, and to other Sifus for a better learning experince! Come on in and join the fun as we broaden our horizons!! American Tai Chi and Qigong Association(ATCQA), formerly American Tai Chi Association(ATCA)*****
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School Rules.

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Here are our school’s rules and guiding principles:

1. Respect for all styles of martial arts, and Krav MAGA self defense techniques. There are no superior or inferior arts, each style has something to teach all of us.2. Be compassionate to everyone you meet. Show kindness to those who deserve it and show kindness to those who do not deserve it. Mercy and compassion are hallmarks of strength.3. Respect your family, your friends, your neighbors, and your community.4. Senior students respect your juniors. Junior students respect the senior students. Teachers must respect the students as students respect the teachers.5. Show regard for all cultures and nationalities because we are all one human race..

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